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The George W. Bush, Library

April 25, 2013

To the followers of this blog, apologies for not posting anything here in a while. It’s only because I’m hard at work on new stuff, which I will announce soon.

Since I have no new “art” to post, and I did want to at least make a post or two a month, lets talk about the George W. Bush, Presidential Library. It’s not like anything else is happening in the world.

Despite the press releases, we know W wasn’t a fan of books, or the rule of law …  but he was historic. You gotta’ give him that. And they gotta‘ give him a library.

If you still aren’t sure if I’m being sarcastic, see if you can find the “Easter Egg” hidden in this spread from my 2005 title, the Ugly Pumpkin to see how I really felt about the guy and his reign (click image to enlarge):


Hint: it’s on the truck’s bumper.

Now, I know this means little to anyone but me—especially, today, almost a decade on— but at the time I made this book (2004) the GOP was holding it’s convention just blocks from where the Twin Towers used to be, and just blocks from my publisher’s offices, where people were pissed.

Remember the Free Speech Zones? Remember all the guys with machine guns in Penn Station?

Anyway, for what its worth, I’m proud of this book, and I’m proud I used my first amendment rights while I had the chance.

If the Ugly Pumpkin finds a home in W’s library, that’s okay with me. Though I doubt he’d like it much. There are words in it after all.

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