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Buy My Hats! (artist’s edition)

August 17, 2013

In 2010, I published a book called Buy My Hats.

T266 SC BW CVR-1

Buy My Hats, tells the story of WANTING something versus NEEDING something—how un-American of me, I know— but Buy My Hats also tells the story of why I don’t work in Photoshop anymore.

When I originally made the art for this book, my intention was a bold, cartoonish city, full of every kind of animal I could imagine. I made the colors super bright and over saturated. Like so:

T170 SC 12

Unfortunately, when publishing with the majors the “too many chefs spoiling the broth” principal often applies, especially when working with Photoshop, because changes are “so easy” to make.

After pages, and pages of emails, trying not to upset the kitchen, I was forced to go back to the art and make it look like this:

T170 SC 12

That’s right. It went from this:

T170 SC 12

To this:

T170 SC 12

I could go on and on about the plight of the artist in business—and maybe some other day I will—but this is a post with GOOD NEWS. SInce the book went out of print (because it was “too dark”), I took the rights back, and I am pleased to announce it is now available in full, original color as a Kindle eBook.

Check it out HERE.

p.s. You can also watch this video preview I made:

The art in the vid is the revised, dull grey, but I think you’ll find
the kick-ass, WMT sound track more than makes up for it.

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