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This one time… at band camp…

January 2, 2014


Q: What do you call a guy who hangs out with musicians?

A: A drummer!

I first heard that joke over twenty-five years ago at a music store my band-mates stopped at on the way to a gig. It’s impossible to believe that’s how long we’ve been together—but there it is.

Lucky for me the other guys in the band (aka the musicians) knew a thing or two about music (and recording, and archiving).

Also lucky for me the internet has finally caught up and made it easy to connect the world to our band.

Presenting—FREE for a limited time—our first down-loadable album, now on Bandcamp:

Followers of this blog may think of me as an illustrator or worse, an author… but really what I do is play drums. So go ahead and click the link above to hear the tracks and/or download the whole album. Like I said, it’s FREE.

P.S. And if you like that, stay tuned; there’s way more to come!

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