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Peas, Tease (Part III)

January 27, 2014

Followers of this blog know by now that I have challenged myself to write, illustrate, and publish an ePictureBook, inside of a month. I’m glad I threw the gauntlet down, because otherwise I may have put this project on hold, as I have also been crazy busy with another more noble task this month, which I won’t boast about here (sorry, Big Brother, do your own damn homework).

Anyhow, things are going great with the “Pea Project”, so here’s another teaser post, while the paint dries:


If you have read my How to eBook posts you will know that I am all about efficiency. In that spirit, I have pre-cut my paper to fit exactly onto my scanner bed before I made these paintings.


Also, I worked assembly line style: First I made all of my drawings. Then I painted the lot of them. This worked particularly well, as my goal was to have a super-limited palette to reflect the nature of peas, and to look good on an eReader.


Oh, and see the garbage pail in the photo above (click to enlarge)? That’s a Greenpeace sticker on it. I don’t even remember when or where I got it. Weird, huh? I’m doing a book about peas, using mostly green… and there’s that.

Green Peace. Green Peas. Talk about synchronicity.


Okay, clearly I’m procrastinating now. My illustrations are complete and the paint is dry, so it’s on to my least favorite part of the job… scanning!

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