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LOL, I’m so Random (House)!

February 12, 2014

Got to watch the production department color correct the art for my upcoming Random House book yesterday.


(Oh, you didn’t know I had an upcoming Random House book? I haven’t mentioned it yet in this blog, but I will. They tell me timing is everything in marketing, so I don’t want to spill the beans too soon.)

One of the honors of working for Random House is they have a great, big wall in the middle of their art department that they let their illustrators paint on.


Pretty cool to get to paint on the same wall as some incredibly talented artists like Dan Yaccarino, Chris Raschka, and J Otto Seibold, to name just three. Here’s a close-up of my humble contribution (the main characters of the book that I’ll tell you more about soon):


Oh… and the other bonus of spending the day
at Random House: I got to meet the King:


•   •   •

P.S. Don’t forget A Monkey Among Us, Duck Duck Moose on a Plane, and
War and Peas are all available as FREE eBooks from now until Valentines Day, 2014.

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