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the Art of Business & the Business of Art

April 29, 2014

Readers of this blog know that I have been self-producing eBooks on Amazon for some time now. (Remember my seven part series, How to eBook?)

Well all that work is starting to pay off. I finally earned the amount required for Amazon to start sending royalties:


Where to spend it all? Maybe I’ll use it to pay half of last months electric bill :>(

I like to think my success had something to do with the FREE eBook promotion I ran, back in February. So why not do it again?

Yes, why not? For the rest of the week BUY MY HATS! and BIRDBRAINS and FEATHERHEADS will be FREE to download. Enjoy the samples below, and click the links to download for FREE.

Here are two scenes from BUY MY HATS!

T170 SC 12

T170 SC 12

And here are some words about it from the School Library Journal:

“Horowitz, with his trademark wit, makes readers laugh out loud
with the wacky pairing of a fish and a bear as best friends.” —SLJ

•   •   •

And here are a few scenes from BIRDBRAINS and FEATHERHEADS:


“A critic is someone who rides in after the battle and shoots the wounded.”
— Clive Barnes

•  •  •

If you like these titles please review them on Amazon, and don’t forget to check out my other great titles—A MONKEY AMONG US, WAR AND PEAS, DUCK DUCK MOOSE ON A PLANE, and PERCUSSION OF THE APES—each forever, reasonably priced at $2.99

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