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Blackberry Listed

June 28, 2014


When you cause trouble for the big wigs, you get blacklisted. (Probably the reason you don’t see me posting much about publishing these days).

But the opposite of the blacklist is the blackberry list.

All my good friends and family and colleagues know they can look forward to a jar or three of my famous homemade blackberry jam, if they stay on my good side. And good news: the berries are coming in, and its a bumper crop. (See photo above).

p.s. Anyone who points out that these are actually black raspberries, is off the list!

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  1. Ooooooh I love homemade jam …… What lucky friends and colleagues!

    • If you email me your address maybe I’ll send you a jar:

      • Ah how kind – unfortunately I am over in the UK, just a a little toooo far for a young jam jar to travel. But thank you for your kind offer. I hope your friends and colleagues enjoy theirs with plenty of clotted cream….

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