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Zen and the Art of Fishing

June 20, 2015

Friends who know me well, know I’ve spent most of my adult life on the so-called “pro-leisure tour”. (More play than work).


But the new me works all the damn time. Life is funny like that. But I did manage five days off last week and made the most of it.


Went up to New Hampshire and caught so many bass it was ridiculous.


Just one after the next …


And then two at a time. It helps that my friend, Justin, knows all the best spots where no one else goes.


After the bass we had even better luck with native brook trout. And after that we had lunch.


But life isn’t all fresh caught trout and home made tarter sauce.

After my fishing, my car broke down 100 miles from home. A $300 tow, an $800 repair later … and the grind is back upon me. I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere. Something…

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