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About the Author


the Kosher Ham Diaries are written and produced by Dave Horowitz.

Dave is the author/illustrator of over a dozen books for children, including, the Ugly Pumpkin, Humpty Dumpty Climbs Again, Five Little Gefiltes, and Chico the Brave.

Dave has worked as a production artist, a graphic designer, a rock climbing guide, and a drummer.

WARNING: Although Dave is mostly known as a “children’s author,” the Kosher Ham Diaries may contain strong language and adult themes. Reader discretion is advised!

  1. Jill permalink

    Dave-lovin this! Hope u r doing good!
    Love, Jill & Jersey

  2. ellen permalink

    Hi, Dave, I read the book “Buy my hats” and I like it so much, you are completely humorous.

  3. You are one of the most creative and funniest person I know. I have a smile ear to ear studying this blog!

  4. Sheila Dori permalink

    Thank you for writing The Five Little Gefiltes which caused me to laugh out aloud when I was alone in Barnes & Noble. I may be responsible for a few new fans since they all looked like they wanted to say “I’ll have what she’s reading”! Loved the story with so much to laugh about on every page. I’m seriously thinking of surprising my family and reading The Five Little Gefiltes instead of the Haggadah!

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